[lsb-discuss] FINAL Version Control Migration

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Mon Jun 26 13:38:04 PDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 00:29 -0400, Jeff Licquia wrote:
>  - Implement security on the patch queue manager.

And this has happened.  You are now asked to log in before you are
allowed to use the patch queue manager.

The auth system is basic auth over SSL, and the usernames and passwords
are the same as MediaWiki, shell access, etc.

Commit access is determined by group membership on a per-workgroup
basis.  The current list of committers for LSB is the same as the list
of those with shell access, though this can change.  

If you have trouble getting access for some reason, let me know.
Otherwise, please comment to the list.

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