[lsb-discuss] ncurses test suite

Nayyar Azam nayyar.ce at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 03:39:17 PDT 2006

I have downloaded the test suite demo from the Linux System Verification


Well, they have got a different framework. MOreover I want to know that what
will be the best approach towards writing test cases for ncurses. I am right
now going for the Escape sequences that are being redirected in to a new
file. That new file is then verified according to the instructions given by
the test case. Now the problem is that I am not getting escape sequences for
APIs such as refresh() and newwin(). This forces me to think , if we are on
the right track? How we will check that,IS THERE  SUPPORT FOR A PARTICULAR
API (talking of escape sequences) in a terminal type, say vt100. Moreover do
we require escape sequence verification for each and every API in ncurses or
we can simply verify them through a simple code..

Mohd.Nayyar Azam
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