[lsb-discuss] X interfaces question

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Thu Nov 2 07:45:46 PST 2006

Ar Iau, 2006-11-02 am 13:57 +0000, ysgrifennodd Dallman, John:
> Its absence is going to mean that some of our major apps 
> won't become LSB-compliant, because they're constructed 
> as many shared libraries, each with some user interface 
> of its own. Statically linking Motif into each of those
> would add huge bloat, and maybe mess up controls that 
> are supposed to be global. 

Static libraries is the wrong answer here, but the fundamental problem
is that Motif (as in "Open"Motif) is not free software and the license
potenitally forbids it being used with Linux in some situations (eg
Linux with the Nvidia binary modules loaded).

You can certainly ship a shared OpenMotif library with your application
set so you only have one copy around, static linking it would indeed be
really quite ugly for any Motif application set.

The LSB doesn't really exist to go around standardising third party
non-free products (be that oracle or motif), so perhaps the OpenGroup
would either free up Motif properly or set their own standard. In the
case of the old Intel iBCS standard there was a motif ABI so it's
clearly possible for them to do it for ELF as well. I would in fact
suspect that the OpenMotif as shipped in RHEL4, SLES and other variants
are probably compatible anyway, but nobody is formally testing it.

Longer term there are other awkward questions with Motif - interaction
with and support of disabled accessibility features of Linux for example
- and internationalisation. It isn't clear what will happen there, but
again perhaps the OpenGroup could be asked to comment.


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