[lsb-discuss] X interfaces question

Dallman, John jgd at ugs.com
Thu Nov 2 08:51:41 PST 2006

Alan Cox wrote: 

> the fundamental problem is that Motif (as in "Open"Motif) 
> is not free software and the license potentially forbids 
> it being used with Linux in some situations (e.g. Linux 
> with the Nvidia binary modules loaded).

That's a good enough reason!

> I would in fact suspect that the OpenMotif as shipped in 
> RHEL4, SLES and other variants are probably compatible 
> anyway, but nobody is formally testing it.

We observe from testing that is not rigorous, but is with
code that drives Motif fairly hard, that the SLES9 and 
RHEL4 versions appear to be compatible. But that's very 
different from formal testing. 

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