[lsb-discuss] X interfaces question

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Nov 2 09:38:25 PST 2006

>Mats D Weichman wrote: 
>> Motif is not an LSB library, so you need to make sure 
>> you're using a static build of Motif
>Is there a positive reason why Motif is not part of LSB? 

I've just been answering this question elsewhere.
This is not a value judgement, just reporting:

(1) there's question about the availability of an
appropriately unencumbered implementation; many
people seem to find the license terms of OpenMotif
incompatible with other open source software, and
LessTif appears to not have much favor (please let
me know if you guys would think running your
software against LessTif shared libraries is 
acceptable, still looking for data on that, but
the general reaction seems to have been it's
not good enough)

(2) when it was brought up in the past, we received
strong pushback against putting Motif support in
the LSB.  A number of people expressed strong
opinions that this was not the sort of thing that
should go into a Linux standard, where "best
practice" is considered to be Gtk and Qt. You'll
have already seen some of this on the list.

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