[lsb-discuss] New appchk ready for evaluation

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Fri Nov 3 08:17:08 PST 2006

We'e discussed here and on the calls about enhancements to lsbappchk.
The first iteration of those enhancement is now available.

A standalone LSB-compliant binary is here:


Source code is here, if you'd rather compile your own:


There are two new major features implemented in this version:

 - By default, appchk will not write a journal.  Instead, it will write
a text report detailing the problems it found, including embedded URL
links to the Developer Network.  Journal writing (exactly as before) can
be turned on with -j.

 - It is possible to add whole directories containing libraries used by
the application with the -D or --shared-libpath parameters.  The
directories can be specified using the same format as the PATH
environment variable: one or more directories, separated by semicolons.
All libraries found in those directories will be tested as if they had
been specified with -L<library>.  The environment variable
LSB_SHAREDLIBPATH is equivalent to -D on the command line.

The report format should be considered a proposal, not a final decision,
so if it doesn't work for you, please propose enhancements and/or
alternatives.  The same is true for the URLs in the report; they do not
work yet, because I don't want to commit the LDN people to something
without feedback from them.

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