[lsb-discuss] What's the reason for fail of T.nftw and pam_chauthtok?

김수영 sykim at etri.re.kr
Tue Nov 7 01:11:48 PST 2006

Dear helpers,
These days, I'm trying to test LSB 3.1 for Booyo Linux that is based on FC5 in Korea.
In lsb-runtime-test, I have the following tjreport.
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/cpio-fh/T.cpio-fh 5 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/cpio-fh/T.cpio-fh 6 FAIL  
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/cpio-fh/T.cpio-fh 7 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/pr/T.pr 1 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/pr/T.pr 3 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/pr/T.pr 4 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/pr/T.pr 5 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/pr/T.pr 6 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/sort/T.sort 7 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/sort/T.sort 23 FAIL
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/sort/T.sort 39 FAIL
/tset/LSB.os/genuts/nftw/T.nftw 9 FAIL
/tset/LSB.os/mfiles/msync_P/T.msync_P 7 FAIL
/tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 1 FAIL
/tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 2 FAIL
/tset/LSB.pam/testcases/pam_chauthtok/pam_chauthtok 8 FAIL
I found some solutions for T.cpio-fh, T.pr, T.sort, T.msync_P..(maybe..)
There is a solution for T.cpio-fh in TestPilot31 of FSG site..
and I'll upgrade coreutils(5.93) to 5.97 to solve T.pr and T.sort..
and will apply linux-2.6-mm-tracking-dirty-pages.patch to my kernel to solve T.msync_P.. is it right?
However, I can't find the solution for other FAILs..(T.nftw and pam_chauthtok).
Should I upgrade glibc(2.4-4) to newer version for solving T.nftw??
Or.. what can I do something to solve this problem?
I can't guess anything to solve pam_chauthtok FAILs. I don't know exactly what it is..-_-;
In FC5 and FC6, pam_chauthtok FAILs are occurred, too.
I'm in #lsb at irc.freestandards.org..but when I am awake, other guys are sleeping..--;
Help me..plz..

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