[lsb-discuss] lsb-test-desktop is stalled in my system..

Harring, BrianX D brianx.d.harring at intel.com
Mon Nov 13 09:00:25 PST 2006

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> Subject: [lsb-discuss] lsb-test-desktop is stalled in my system..
> I have been ran the lst-test-desktop test suite.
> In my system, lsb-test-desktop is stalled at GtkContainer..

Need to know a few things to try and help you-

1) distro?
2) gtk version? (if it's an rpm distro, rpm -qa gtk+ should return it)
3) Is the process doing anything, or is it just blocking?  If it's just blocking, strace'ing it would be useful.

Assuming it's reproducible; please open a bug with the above information.


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