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Anthony W. Youngman wol at thewolery.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 13 13:41:19 PST 2006

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Christopher Yeoh <cyeoh at samba.org> writes
>However, I think that mandating the moving all the config files into
>~/.etc is beyond what standards groups like the LSB and FHS should be
>doing. This needs to be established as good current practice by the
>application developers first. We could help this along by writing up a
>short document specifying what we think would be best practice and
>distributing it to the application developers - and try to get them to
>change. This is what was discussed on the FHS list, though I don't
>think anyone has actually done it yet. Contributions welcome :-)

All apps that have a global config file should specify a location 
(relative to ~) for user-specific over-rides.

All apps that have a user-specific config file should have a global file 
that says where the user file is relative to ~

Relative to ~ should always be something like ~/etc/ or ~/.etc/ 
(determined by distro ...)
>I think this sort of technique - eg documenting proposed future
>practice - may be the best compromise between wanting to encourage
>change and being conservative about what we put into standards.

Yes. Otherwise if we feel something is sub-optimal (like cluttering ~ 
with loads of config files for apps that are not desired, wanted or used 
!!!) how are we supposed to deprecate it and encourage a replacement.

Last time I brought up this exact issue, it was dismissed with the 
comment that the FHS/LSB was not into encouraging change, so I'm glad to 
hear that there's something moving along those lines now.

Maybe it's my age (I remember 16 Meg on 19" platters :-) but I much 
prefer to run "lean and mean" and for my home directory to be horribly 
cluttered with maybe three quarters of the files in it being config 
files for apps I don't have a clue what they are really annoys my 
sensibilities ... :-)

Anthony W. Youngman - anthony at thewolery.demon.co.uk

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