[lsb-discuss] Motif and LSB

Scott Baeder baeder at cadence.com
Thu Nov 16 09:47:13 PST 2006

And as another data point that reflects a lot of Johns comments...

> The distros we take an interest in at present are SUSE 
> Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise. Both ship it; SUSES 
> install it by default, and Red Hat don't. We tell the 
> customers to install it, and they are, so far, willing 
> to do so. 

This is pretty much the rule in the EDA industry as well, and our tools
fit  a similar profile (i.e. EXPENSIVE, and have been in UNIX for a long
time, transitioning to Linux due to price/performance)

> > I'm assuming they'd either statically link or bundle 
> > the shared object.

Again, we haven't looked at this either - so far, we just deal with not
being LSB compliant and limiting "support" to the commercial, enterprise
systems. Of course, this is a pretty big testing burden, but so far, has
been the least "un-desirable" alternative.

> Use of Motif is widespread for UNIX ISVs. ISVs who are selling 
> software that one might describe as "industrial" rather than 
> "consumer" tend not be looking to redesign user interfaces 
> frequently. 
> I think our user interface folks would see recoding the 
> user interface for Qt as "overhead" work rather than 
> "sales-creating" work. Our customers tend to be functionality-
> orientated; when I talk to Apple, I find it hard to get 
> over to them just how much the "Oooh! Cool!" factor doesn't 
> apply. This is largely because CAD software is never used 
> by "business decision-makers" (aka pointy-haired types). 


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