[lsb-discuss] Integration of tjreport with Developer Network

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Mon Nov 20 10:04:27 PST 2006

After doing the appchk URL support, where clicking on a URL gives
information about problem tests, it occurred to me that this would be
easy to integrate with the runtime tests as well.

So, after about an hour's work, it's done.

The integration happens in tjreport.  My new tjreport can be found in
the new unofficial branch "url-tet-harness":


When run in "-v" mode, this tjreport will, if it can, print URLs for all
failed tests in the journal it's examining.  These URLs use the same
redirector as appchk.

Besides the raw support, I've also added some data, so at least some of
the URLs generated will do something interesting.

"If it can" basically means "if it can detect which test the journal is
for".  If tjreport can print out a "Test Suite Name" in the summary,
then it can create URLs.  As far as I can tell, this means it works for
lsb-runtime-tests, lsblibchk, lsbcmdchk, and libstdcpp.  Roughly,
support for other test suites is dependent on supporting waiver
downloads for them.

As part of this, tjreport's architecture detection has also been
improved, where arch strings like "(i386)" are now translated to the
canonical architecture name (such as "IA32").

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