[lsb-discuss] Lesstif and libXt.a

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Nov 22 06:37:54 PST 2006

>I looked in the list archives before posting here, but didn't go too
>many years back.

Searching is a little tricky as the list names have changed
a couple of times.

>First question:  Is this list for discussing porting apps to LSB, or
>just for discussing LSB itself?  If only the latter, skip the next
>question and tell me where I _can_ get help on app porting.

Yes, this is the right place - the lists have been trimmed down
to only a single discussion list, if the traffic ever got
overwhelming we could split things back out but no sign of that
at present.

>Second question:  Is there a Lesstif LSB port available?  Patches
>available in order to do my own porting?

I fiddled some with it, got stuck (don't remember the details),
and then found a lot of people didn't seem to consider lesstif 
worth it so I didn't pursue.  However, I believe it has been
built (see below).

>I've been trying to port an open-source Motif application to LSB but
>ran into trouble getting Lesstif to be LSB compliant.  Lesstif used
>private interfaces in libXt which aren't of course in the LSB spec.
>I don't have a libXt.a in my /opt/lsb/lib directory so I can't
>statically link to the library.  Statically linking to the OS'es
>libXt.a gets Lesstif compiled, but then I run into symbols being
>sized differently when I try to link it to my application or even to
>a "HelloWorld" Motif program.  I think I could get out of this mess
>if I had /opt/lsb/lib/libXt.a available to me.

You can't use the shared LSB libXt?

>I'm currently using LSB-3.0 on SuSE 10.0 and using the lsbcc method.
>Is there a better way to attempt to get Lesstif compiled?

This should be a reasonable setup. However, I think lesstif has
actually been built successfully in the alternative build setup 
(the chroot environment known as lsb-buildenv).  Rajesh, Marvin,
do either of you have details on this?

-- mats

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