[lsb-discuss] Meeting notes from 2006-11-28 call

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Tue Nov 28 08:48:14 PST 2006

Attendees: Kay Tate, Darren Davis, Stew Benedict, Mats, Ian, Olaf
Schmidt (KDE), Thorsten Kukuk, Marvin, Tracy Camp, Marc Miller (AMD),
Jeff, Leon Shiman.

Schedule reorganized to accomodate some people who can't make certain
days or times; see the wiki for details.

LSB 3.1 refresh:

Update policy: nothing new.  Some minor changes allowed (GETHWADDR
ioctl, for example), but no new interfaces.

Mats: three tracking bugs.  Spec bugs (mostly from ISPRAS), test fixes
(some done, some not), tools (build, etc.) is nearly all done.  Tracy:
some outstanding, would be nice to get into 3.1, but may not be able to.

Ian: part of F2F.  Timeframe: no one really clamoring for updates.  Have
ready before the major vendors need them.  Tentative date: 2006-12-15
(start of beta period).

Appchk readiness?  Jeff: redirector works, for both appchk and runtime
tests; only need content.  Ian: default page should not be a "test not
found" page, but a "failed because the test is not in the LSB" page,
plus link to dbadmin, maybe?

Jeff: antiwaiver is also available, getting rid of the most egregious
waived test failures.

Ian: cell coverage spotty, put off rest of discussion to the F2F.

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