[lsb-discuss] x86_64 binary RPMs for both AMD and Intel 64-bit distos?

Kirk Wolf kirk at dovetail.com
Wed Nov 29 11:10:52 PST 2006

We have decided to ship LSB binary RPM packages for a new commercial 

Following instructions on the LSB web site, we've had good success in 
building ia32 and x86_64 architecture binaries that work across redhat, 
suse, debian/ubuntu, etc.

Apparently, most Intel 64 bit chips also support "EMT64T", which is 
nearly the same as x86_64 (amd64), or at least compatible as far as gcc 
is concerned.

Is it possible to ship only x86_64 LSB RPMs -- say compiled on x86_64 
Debian -- so that these would run on *most* 64-bit (AMD or Intel) Linux 
LSB distros ???

- Its not critical that we have 100% coverage, since we will also 
distribute a source RPM that the outliers can use.

- The application is not particularly performance critical, so we 
probably don't care about tiny optimization differences in the binaries, 
so long as the code runs correctly.

? If it is possible to ship x86_64 binaries for both, are special GCC 
options required when building?  Are there (LSB) RPM spec / packaging 

? If it is not possible, is it feasible to GCC cross-compile on x86_64 
to target IA64 using lsbc++ ?

Thanks for any advice,
Kirk Wolf
Dovetailed Technologies

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