[lsb-discuss] Is getmntent() not in the standard?

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Mon Oct 16 07:52:24 PDT 2006

>I have tried to build coreutils with lsbcc and found that the 
>configure script is not able to find any system call to 
>determine the mounted filesystems; I believe this should be 
>getmntent() on Linux.
>And indeed, it is not in LSB headers. I even could not find it 
>in the specs; is it possible that this function is not part
>of the standard? If it is, do we have any other way of 
>determining mounts?

These can be answered very briefly:  yes, and no.  It is
intentional, although personally I was not all that convinced
by the reasoning (which was that "system administration" type 
utilities are the only ones that would need this, and they're
not really part of the scope of LSB).

-- mats

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