[lsb-discuss] the easiest way to build the LSB base system?

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Tue Oct 17 06:03:17 PDT 2006

>Please, do we have a document how such a system should be 
>built, like "roll your own lsbsi"? A document on how the 
>original LSBSI is built will be enough.

The lsbsi build is quite pedantic and may not suit
other needs.  In summary:

- a minimal build/run environment is built statically linked
- this environment is used as a chroot to build an intermediate
  build/run environment, this time built normally
- the intermediate environment is used as a chroot to build
  the final products

this is supposed to provide isolation from the original
build environment since so many of the autoconfiguring
packages are of the form "if it's installed, use it".

the first stage is called "bootstrap".  The one the bootstrap
builds is called "phase2".  The completed runtime is called
"phase3".  phase2 is also used to build assorted "phase4"
components, each of these ends up as a tarball that can be
installed on top of "phase3" to produce a particular environment,
recognizing that the pure phase3 is not enough to be useful
by itself. There is a "testing" phase4, which adds enough bits
to run the LSB runtime tests; a "bootable" phase4 which adds
bits to be able to boot; a "uml" phase4 which adds bits to
construct a uml environment, etc.  

the model was borrowed from the Linux From Scratch project,
which no longer uses such a pedantic approach.

Note that the goal of the lsbsi is to be a runtime,
thus the "final" build is intentionally missing build
components.  Meanwhile, the "buildenv" uses the same
framework, and does intend to be a build environment,
so it uses a different set of packages. 

You can read about the lsbsi here:


Build recipe, probably outdated:

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