[lsb-discuss] test coverage document

Matt Taggart taggart at carmen.fc.hp.com
Mon Oct 23 00:19:23 PDT 2006

Matt Taggart writes...

> Tonight(PST) on the #lsb irc channel, liqm asked some questions about test 
> coverage for POSIX. I remembered a long time ago the FSG(Doug IIRC) did a 
> study on test coverage of the LSB standard (which included the things we 
> reference like POSIX).
> What happened to that study? Do we still have such a document somwhere?

I searched my old mail and found this posting describing how to access a 
website where the data was stored,


The domains of the site is question is owned by Drew Streib, who I think 
was contracting for the FSG at around the time of that email. Who knows if 
the data still exists... If we care we could ask Drew.

JimZ points out that the new framework will be able to produce such data 
very easily and will make that old report unnecessary. Until that happens 
though, the old report (or _anything_) would be better than nothing.

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