[lsb-discuss] old mailing list archives

Matt Taggart taggart at carmen.fc.hp.com
Mon Oct 23 01:03:26 PDT 2006


In the Great LSB Mailing List Reunification of 2006 the LSB workgroup 
consolidated from using many lists to just a few. In the process of doing 
that, and also changing out the web infrastructure at the same time, links 
to the old mail archives lot lost. Fortunately the archives still exist and 
I have created a page in the wiki,


with pointers to all the old mail archives in case you need them. I have 
added a link to this page on the main LSB_Wiki page so you can find it.

Matt Taggart        Open Source & Linux Organization R&D
taggart at fc.hp.com   Hewlett-Packard

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