[lsb-discuss] browsing bzr via the web

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Mon Oct 23 05:43:08 PDT 2006

>I'm trying to browse bzr like I used to do when things were in 
>cvs, and the 
>web front end seems to be pretty limited. I particular I was trying to 
>browse test s source. I started at,
>but that wasn't showing me what I expected. Aha! I have to click on 
>"inventory" to get a list of contents, why isn't that default? 

yes, the default is to show the top-level commit history.

>Ok, clicked on inventory and I see what I was expecting. 
>Surfed to what I was looking for,
>(that horible url points to the latest version of 
>x-pcts-faq.html" under the "lsb/devel/runtime-test" module)

yes, those urls are unusable as information to others,
and I too am used to being able to paste a direct reference
into irc, email, and bugs.

>I'm sure bzr lets us do awesome things that cvs wouldn't, but 
>this is a regression. Are there other bzr web front ends 
>out there we could try?

webserve is not directly part of bzr, and more than cvsweb
and others are directly part of cvs. I also find these
two issues to be unfortunate behavior of that interface,
and wish there was something that worked a little more
like the familiar cvs interfaces in this area.

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