[lsb-discuss] lsb version and the specdb ModCmd and ModLib tables

Camp, TracyX E tracyx.e.camp at intel.com
Mon Oct 23 10:46:48 PDT 2006

I've been working on fixing up various things about the lsb dev
environment that bug me.  As those that know me well can attest, it's
the little things that bug me and one of them is repeatability.  In this
context I would like to be able to produce an lsbcc binary that can tell
you what version of LSB it was built from and then correctly link
binaries for that version.  Please note I didn't claim 'correctly
produce' binaries.  This is just an incremental solution I'm seeking.


For reasons of sanity and quality I think it would be best if this was
not dependant on forking lsbcc.c and specdb for each and every LSB
release (though that might and probably does happen for other entirely
legitimate reasons).


There are actually two parts of this issue, one of them is at a header
level (what interfaces, constants, macros and associated ABI information
are allowed in this LSB version?) and the other is at a larger grained
lsbcc link fixup level (what shared libs are allowed in this LSB
version?).  It is this latter problem I would like to address here.


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