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Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Thu Oct 26 07:44:07 PDT 2006

We are working on upgrading dbadmin utility. In particular we are adding
filters and grouping with statistics for browsing information about the test
coverage. This will facilitate analyzing the information but won't solve the
problem Mats mentioned - the information about the coverage is not
up-to-date... I hope we will address the issue of making the information
matching the reality in the beginning of the next year.

Vladimir Rubanov
Project Manager

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>I see this link in the LDN. 

There *is* coverage information in the DB, and
you *can* get at it via dbadmin, but the information
should not be considered particularly accurate.
I know of some places the information is incomplete,
and dbadmin doesn't understand niceties like where an
interface appears multiple times (architecture-specific)
that it should still be counted as one so that overall
counts are pretty much meaningless.  I don't think
any of this type of information was entered for
the new libraries, which now account for over 50%
of the interfaces in the LSB.

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