[lsb-discuss] Packaging

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Fri Oct 27 08:32:59 PDT 2006

Chris Lee wrote:
> Mike Sweet wrote:
>> 2. Where do we put user installs?
>> Mike Sweet: A subdirectory off the user's home directory, e.g. 
>> "~/.apps" or "~/.root".
> If this is defined can "~/.etc"  or "~/config" for all user
> configuration files also be defined.

If we have a root directory, then ~/.root/etc can have user config
files, much like /etc has system config files.

Mac OS X uses a (non-hidden) Library directory that is used for
various user data and user-installed stuff - basically everything
except application programs is stored there.

> My users can never understand why they have so many files when they
> switch on show hidden files (ok, I should stop them, but sometimes they
> can fix things without me if I do not).
> They run into this because as it stands all software just uses the root
> of their home to dump stuff, sometimes even not hidden.
> If there was a location defined I think even the distros and projects
> would start to use it.
> Some sort of definition would make the users life far easier, and limit
> the amount applications can spread over a users home directory.

I'd love for this to happen, and it may even be somewhat feasible
for desktop applications.  The main issue now (I think) is just
deciding on how we handle user installs of applications and where
they go...

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