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Bastian, Waldo wrote:
>> Most particularly, the fact that there is no way for a
>> package to portably (well, in a standards-specified way)
>> set things up to find new shared libraries, the use of
>> rpath to point to application-supplied shared libraries
>> is implicitly suggested; and this means those cannot
>> easily be relocated at install time.
> Does rpath only support absolute paths or is it also possible to use
> paths relative to the location of the binary? That would make things a
> lot easier.

Bill Spitzak (one of the FLTK developers) recently posted the
following tidbit:

     Another handy Linux hint if you want to put everything into an
     install directory is to add this to your link arguments:


     This will make the program look in it's own directory for any
     shared libraries first, so you can also put them in there as well.

Another resource:


A quick look at the ld.so on my RHEL4 system shows support for
is documented...

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