[lsb-discuss] LSB conference call agenda (Tuesday, October 31, 11am ET)

Ian Murdock imurdock at imurdock.com
Tue Oct 31 05:32:48 PST 2006

Dial in details are unchanged:
Toll Free Number: 877-954-0722 (United States)
Toll Number: 203-566-1295 (International)
Participant passcode available on request

(The participant password is the same as before. If you don't already
know it and want to join, feel free to drop me a note.)


As mentioned during the call two weeks ago, the topic of today's
call will be the recently launched LSB Developer Network
(developer.freestandards.org). Specifically, we'll be discussing:

* How to maximize community involvement:
  - helping migrate content into the wiki

  - contribution of useful sites via del.icio.us links

  - contribution of useful sites via Google Custom Search

  - others?

* Editorial priorities:
  - How do we consolidate existing freestandards.org resources?
    - There's a variety of information available in the freestandards.org
      wiki (www.freestandards.org/en), content that's been migrated
      from the old site but not yet integrated into the wiki
      (www.freestandards.org/{futures,test,etc.} and content from
      the old LSB site that has yet to be migrated (old.linuxbase.org).
      Some of this content is duplicated, some of it is contradictory,
      and some of it is just plain out of date... We need to fix this.

  - What is the future of the LSB book

    - The plan is to move the canonical source of the book into the
      wiki, update the content (which is currently at LSB 2.0)
      to LSB 3.1, and to release snapshots in wiki and downloadable form
      (HTML, PDF, others?) for each new minor version of the LSB, and
      potentially to publish a print version for each new major version.

  - Can we add value by integrating, cross referencing, etc. other
    Linux documentation (e.g., the Linux man pages)?

  - How can we integrate information from the LSB database project?

* How can we collaborate with the distros that have their own developer
networks? Can we turn the LSB Developer Network into a
shared resource for the Linux platform providers, much like the LSB is?

Ian Murdock

"Don't look back--something might be gaining on you." --Satchel Paige

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