[lsb-discuss] LSB 3.2 additions to "desktop" test suite

Banginwar, Rajesh rajesh.banginwar at intel.com
Mon Apr 9 08:29:25 PDT 2007

>For item #1,  there's now an lsb-xdg-utils package
>(in snapshots, it was added to the autobuilder last
>week) which the test depends on, to deal with systems 
>which may not yet have xdg-utils, but I notice the test
>uses the native xdg-utils if it found it.  There's a
>big problem though; as we head more towards tests which
>are driven from a single command and operate completely
>non-interactively, this test is very interactive - for
>example, it repeatedly pops a menu up and asks you
>to select an item from it, then confirm that it worked
>right.  Since this is at odds with our current automated
>testing philosophy, we'll need to come up with something
>to do here - and this email, if you've gotten this far,
>is a call for suggestions.
>In general, there seem two approaches we could take:
>(1) redesign the test in some way so that it can be
>operated non-interactively (could include using some
>sort of driver which handles the interactive parts)
>(2) split this test out into the small list (all the
>others are currently appbat applications) which can
>not be driven from the test driver.

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