[lsb-discuss] Checking Firefox for LSB-compliance

Alexey Khoroshilov khoroshilov at ispras.ru
Tue Apr 10 02:33:59 PDT 2007

> I just wanted to drop a quick message to this list as an introduction.
> My name is Sam Hart, I'm a new full-time employee at the Linux Foundation.
> One of the first things I've been asked to do is try and check out
> some "big-applications" for LSB-compliance/certification. Basically
> see what problems may arise, what steps need to be taken to make them
> compliant, etc. I will be documenting my work and it will likely go
> towards some "help for third party application builders"-type
> document.
> The first application I will be looking at is Firefox, and I'd be very
> interested in any comments or suggestions from others who may have
> tried something similar.

Just to inform you, there is a preview version of the LSB Navigator
[http://www.linuxtesting.org/dbnavigator_probe/browse], which can be 
used to investigate information about LSB and nonLSB interfaces.

In particular, there is information about MozillaFirefox-2.0 at the 
Application list 

It shows 48 shared libraries used by the firefox. Some of them are not 
in the LSB and hopefully they can be statically linked.

The firefox uses also some nonLSB interfaces from glibc, gdk, gtk, 
pango, png, Xft, which shall be investigated in more detail.

I see the three ways to process such interfaces:
- statically link corresponding library;
- replace interfaces in source code by similar LSB interfaces;
- add interfaces to the LSB.


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