[lsb-discuss] Checking Firefox for LSB-compliance

Banginwar, Rajesh rajesh.banginwar at intel.com
Tue Apr 10 10:18:10 PDT 2007

Some time back we attempted to make Firefox 1.5 LSB compliant. Most of
the issues are easy to fix (e.g. replacing usage of some of the glibc,
and GTK+ interfaces). What we were stuck with was the pango backend that
firefox relies on. Pango backends are not part of LSB as the GTK
community advised against it (it is still not stable enough to guarantee
the ABI across releases, I believe)... I am trying to find more
information about other things we may have found...



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>On 4/10/07, Alexey Khoroshilov <khoroshilov at ispras.ru> wrote:
>> Just to inform you, there is a preview version of the LSB Navigator
>> [http://www.linuxtesting.org/dbnavigator_probe/browse], which can be
>> used to investigate information about LSB and nonLSB interfaces.
>> In particular, there is information about MozillaFirefox-2.0 at the
>> Application list
>> [http://www.linuxtesting.org/dbnavigator_probe/browse/app.php].
>Thanks, this should be very useful.
>> It shows 48 shared libraries used by the firefox. Some of 
>them are not
>> in the LSB and hopefully they can be statically linked.
>Yes, I ran into some of that yesterday on my own. It's nice to have
>all of this stuff already detailed someplace else before I sink too
>much more time in it.
>> The firefox uses also some nonLSB interfaces from glibc, gdk, gtk,
>> pango, png, Xft, which shall be investigated in more detail.
>> I see the three ways to process such interfaces:
>> - statically link corresponding library;
>This is what I will be trying to do first.
>> - replace interfaces in source code by similar LSB interfaces;
>> - add interfaces to the LSB.
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