[lsb-discuss] LSB 3.2 additions to "desktop" test suite

Banginwar, Rajesh rajesh.banginwar at intel.com
Fri Apr 13 09:03:22 PDT 2007

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>>> In general, there seem two approaches we could take:
>>> (1) redesign the test in some way so that it can be
>>> operated non-interactively (could include using some
>>> sort of driver which handles the interactive parts)
>>> (2) split this test out into the small list (all the
>>> others are currently appbat applications) which can
>>> not be driven from the test driver.
>> At the first glance all interactions of the freedesktop.org tests are
>> important to make decision on correctness of the system under
>> test. So I believe the second approach is more attractive.
>> But it would be good to split out really interactive tests 
>only and to
>> keep non-interactive part of the test suite in the lsb-test-desktop.
>> reason is as follows. The LSB Distribution Test Kit supports 
>two basic
>> use cases: certification test run and "nightly" regression test run.
>> first one includes all interactive tests, while the second one
>> requires fully automated execution.
>> And we would like to keep all non-interactive tests in the "nightly"
>> test execution and to have additional interactive tests for bonus and
>> certification. 
>> This can be achieved if the lsb-test-desktop takes a parameter, which
>> controls the set of tests to be executed:
>> - non-interactive only;
>> - interactive only;
>> - both.
>This wouldn't be too hard to add.
>> The parameter will help to the lsb-dtk-manager to manage test
>> execution. For "nightly" test runs the lsb-dtk-manager will execute
>> all non-interactive tests. For certification test runs the
>> lsb-dtk-manager will execute sequentially: at first all
>> non-interactive tests, and then all interactive tests.
>The placement of the fdo test at the beginning of desktop was
>to implement a similar concept, but inverted - I believe the
>thinking was you'd kick off the test suite, handle the interactive
>bits right away, and then go off and let the rest run by itself.
>(This was contributed so I don't know the exact rationale)

Yes, that was the rationale.

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