[lsb-discuss] Summary of 2006 April 14 conference call

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Apr 18 09:10:55 PDT 2007

First of all, apologies for not announcing the call as usual.  Ian had
an unexpected plane trip come up, so I ended up leading the meeting, and
forgot to send the announcement.

On the call: Jeff (me), Robert, Stew, Sam Hart, Mark Miller, Russ
Herrold, John Cherry, and Marvin.

We discussed three items, starting with the ppc32 issues that came up in
the context of the Debian certification.  The problem seems to be that
some of the startup code for executables built on SuSE 10 for PPC32
crashes when run on Debian 4.0 powerpc.  We've isolated it to some
interesting code in crti.o; linking with an alternate crti.o causes the
executables to work.  Currently, the "best" option is to ship crti.o
with lsbcc; this isn't terribly popular, both because of the complexity
of shipping a binary object of this type, and because of the fact that
it doesn't fix some of our tests that don't use lsbcc.  Work is ongoing.

Second, Sam Hart did a short report on his work with testing Mozilla
Firefox and OpenOffice.org under appchk.  There looks to be a bug in
appchk's memory handling.  Several options for tracking down the problem
were discussed, and Sam will be reporting to the list on the results of
some of those.  Sam and I will be meeting face-to-face later this week,
and may also come up with something then.

Finally, John Cherry brought up the upcoming Linux Foundation Summit in
June, and our involvement in GUADEC and aKademy later this summer.  We
discussed possible invitees to the Summit, and plans for the schedule.
It appears we may share some of our sessions with the Desktop Architects

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