[lsb-discuss] evolving lsbcc

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Apr 19 07:19:09 PDT 2007

Several upgrades to the lsbcc tool were contributed 
late last year but deferred in the crush to complete
the 3.1 update.

I'm getting back to these now.

The copy in the devel branch, which is being autobuilt
nightly, contains the patches from bugs 1509 and 1511.

#1509: lsbcc should generate shared libs table at build time from specdb
(previously, the list of libraries has been hand-coded into

#1511: we need an lsbcpp
(turns out there are a few packages that do autoconf
work by calling cpp directly, and this bypasses the
current lsbcc support for figuring out the lsb
environment correctly)


The third change set is a little more specultative,
attempting to address bug 788, which complains that
libtool sometimes defeats lsbcc. The main issue has been
when a pathname to a library is generated instead of
an -lfoo instruction. This change set adds some knowledge
about filenames in figuring out how to construct the 
appropriate arguments in the face of the LSB "build rules".
The additional logic is not on by default, it has to
be turned on with the --lsb-libtool_fixups flag.
An experimental branch with this changeset in place
can be found here:
under build_env-libtoolhack

We'd really appreciate some feedback on this since it
hasn't been put into an official branch and thus isn't
getting stressed by the regular nightly builds and other

-- mats

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