[lsb-discuss] LI18NUX2K.L1 test, cpiofh script problem

alanyoung alanyoung at linpus.com
Thu Apr 19 22:52:12 PDT 2007

Dear All:

I have run the run time test against Linpus Linux and experienced a few problem:

/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/cpio-fh/T.cpio-fh 5 
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/cpio-fh/T.cpio-fh 6 
/tset/LI18NUX2K.L1/utils/cpio-fh/T.cpio-fh 7 

The cpio test is deem to check the cpio extract and compares it to the files created and verify if the contents / file size are correct. However, in the script, it handles the case in a wierd fashion.
 *tp5* is the function I have extracted from the source code:

        echo "* When -i option is specified, if extract files is selected in pattern form, '?' is matched 1 file-system-safe characters."
        echo " "

        export LANG=$targetlocale
        cd $tmpdir

        ls $targetfiles | $cpio -o >$targetarchive 2>out.stderr
        rm $targetfiles

        cat $targetarchive | $cpio -i 'あいう.txt' >out.stdout 2>out.stderr
		  echo "cpiofile check"
        cpiofh_file_check "あいう.txt"

fro mcd $tmpdir, the script created the targetfiles and removes them. How can it check against something that has been removed? isnt it gonna exit the tmpdir?

Do you have have any problem with it? test 5, 6, 7   are in fact comparing something that doesnt exists

Alan Young.

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