[lsb-discuss] Minutes for July 11 LSB call

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 02:21:28 PDT 2007

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> I proposed that we allow something like a "LSB Plugin Certification",
> where dynamic libraries can be allowed to document which symbols they
> expect to be provided by the underlying app, and thus are "excepted"
> from failing appchk for those.  This seemed to meet with approval
> (though I might be biased).  Obviously, some things need to be fleshed
> out before this can be real, such as the nature of the documentation
> needed and whether we can use "common-sense" groupings like "the Mozilla
> 2.0 Plugin ABI" as substitutes or shorthand for full function call
> lists.

This would also be a possibility to have scanner drivers in LSB packages 
(for example driver package for multi-function device) without having 
SANE in the LSB. The driver will then be certified as a SANE plugin.


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