[lsb-discuss] lsbappchk DT_NEEDED

Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Tue Jul 17 07:51:58 PDT 2007

Is it always possible to explicitly and easily control which libraries go
into DT_NEEDED section?

It seems that most of the captured in the LSB Navigator DB apps (about 500
in local ISPRAS version) have some libraries in DT_NEEDED that are not
called directly. Is it carelessness of developers' of these apps? Do you
think it is easy for them to fix this to contain only directly called


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> I see no reason to add --as-needed to lsbgcc. I agree with Mats, getting
> --as-needed to work as you want it to is not straight forward. It is
> much easier for an app vendor to remove artificial link dependencies,
> such as having -lXau on the link line and not using it. People just have
> to learn how to link their apps. You cannot throw the kitchen sink at
> the linker at expect the linker to do the dirty work.

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