[lsb-discuss] allowing apps to "register" with the system (was Re: application certification questions)

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri Jun 8 15:21:11 PDT 2007

I was hoping someone else would pick this up...

> Now that 3.2 is being mentioned, I thought I'd bring this up
> again from the application point of view.
> Has anything been decided on for handling files that must be installed
> outside the application directory - like Mozilla plugins?

I haven't heard that anything has happened here yet.

> Also, what about backward compatibility - requiring LSB 3.x in the
> installer causing the installer to fail on systems that may not be LSB
> certified but have all other required software?

the whole concept is that you have some way to check for
full LSB conformance as a prerequisite.  if you don't
want to require that ... then you shouldn't require it
in the package.

I don't think this is unique to LSB.  If you, for example,
build a package on RHEL it will (unless you explicitly tell it
not to) generate dependencies on a LOT of things from that 
system, and it won't run on systems with older versions of 
those packages even if they might on a technical level be 
able to run your software.

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