[lsb-discuss] Link errors using LSB 3.0, help!

Gordon.Schumacher at seagate.com Gordon.Schumacher at seagate.com
Fri Jun 22 16:18:52 PDT 2007

Gordon Schumacher/Seagate wrote on 06/22/2007 04:49:35 PM:

# No, but now that I'm rebuilding them I've discovered that indeed,
# I failed to specify CC and CXX when I ran configure.  *sigh*

I've rebuilt wxWidgets - with lsbcc this time - and now I'm getting
many, many variations on:

`.L22' referenced in section `.rodata' of
../../SeaDIF/obj/linux-lsb30-g++/Release/libSeaDIF.a(AtaBridge.o): defined
in discarded section
 of ../../SeaDIF/obj/linux-lsb30-g++/Release/libSeaDIF.a(AtaBridge.o)

It seems like maybe this is closer...?

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