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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
Thu Jun 28 10:56:25 PDT 2007

Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> lsb-discuss-bounces at lists.freestandards.org wrote:
>> I agree that finding a better way to deal with apps that use dlopen
>> would be a good thing.  It is something we use quite a lot, since our
>> applications know where they are located, and how to find the
>> libraries it needs.  When you have so many applications, using
>> LD_LIBRARY_PATH just gets too confusing, and it's not always possible
>> to use wrapper scripts, etc. 
> It was (once) our intention to push processing of
> dlopen'd libraries into the dynamic application checker.
> We never quite got that tool into production status,
> and now it's fallen quite a bit behind.  It's a little
> (maybe more than a little) hard to know what to check
> statically in libraries which will  be accessed by
> dlopen... different paths through the code may
> produce different libraries to open; and it's not even
> clear that an entire library  from which only a single
> function is accessed has to be be confirmed LSB
> compliant, it's more a question of what will the
> runtime usage be.  Complicated question, anyway.
IMHO we should take the simple approach. Any library considered part of 
the application and loaded needs to be LSB compliant (I know this will 
come back to haunt me, but I beleive it is the right thing to do). The 
reasoning is simple. If the library were linked at link time then appchk 
would check the whole library and not just one or two entries.


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