[lsb-discuss] Downloads page updated for Update 1, still need a few other things

Alexey Khoroshilov khoroshilov at ispras.ru
Thu Mar 1 05:17:35 PST 2007

> Now that I'm back in the office, I'm testing the Distribution
> Testkit. A few problems to report, some serious:
> * I still had to install xvfb by hand. Again, it would be nice if 
> install.sh took care of doing that for me.

Agree with Mats. It requires our own lsb-xvfb package.
Thanks to Stew lsb-xvfb is not far off [1].

> * After installing xvfb, I got another error, this time that it 
> couldn't find /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc or somesuch. This is on
> Ubuntu feisty, and apparently, in Ubuntu feisty, the fonts have been
> moved to /usr/share/fonts. Easy enough to fix with some symlinks, but
> it would be nice if the tests knew about the alternative location
> rather than making the user do this.

As far as I understand, there are three places regarding the problem.

Firstly, the lsb-autotest tries to detect font location and pass it to 
the vsw4 and xts5 test suites. The detection procedure was developed by 
Jiri and improved in ISPRAS. It is implemented in the 
determine_x_font_paths() function [autotest/tests.c].

Secondly, the test suite itself tries to detect font location,
but this location comes into effect only when user does not answer 
questions about font paths. It does not work when 
lsb-distro-testkit-manager is used.

Finally, Stew said [1]:
   I've packaged lsb-xvfb now, which should help with the above and
   all the X tests. It bundles the fonts so we can drop all the
   questions about font paths.

So in the long term we can escape the problem entirely.

Regarding Ubuntu feisty, e have improved lsb-autotest to process Ubuntu 
feisty correctly. Updates are in the bazaar and will be available in the 
next release.


> * After fixing this, I tried rerunning the tests, and I got an error
> about the tests still running. Sure enough, there were a bunch of
> processes still running the background, but I wasn't sure how to kill
> them, so I rebooted.

We will improve the error message to make more clear how to stop the tests.

There are three ways to do that. The first one is to click on the 'Stop' 
button on Execution page. The second one is the Administration page, 
which allows to stop the tests run and to stop server itself. At last it 
is possible to use lsb-tef-stop.sh command from the command line (this 
will be available in the next release).

> * After rebooting, I couldn't log in again because my home directory
> was owned by vsx0.users. I initially ran 
> /opt/lsb/distr-testkit/tef/bin/lsb-tef-start.sh as root, which seems
> to have been the culprit (I later ran that script as myself, and my
> home directory permissions were fine.)

It looks very strange to me. I have no idea how it comes.

> * I noticed the following error in the test run:
> ./run_tests: 29: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
> (This was trying to run /opt/lsb/test/desktop/run_tests.) Again, this
> is due to bashisms being used in a script marked #!/bin/sh. /bin/sh
> isn't bash on Ubuntu.
> I'm linking /bin/sh to /bin/bash for the sake of making progress, but
> we really need to fix the problem at its source, and make sure there
> are no other problems like this.

I believe you run tests in the Certification mode. So 
lsb-dist-testkit-manager downloaded, installed and ran stable versions 
of test suites, while the bashism is fixed in the beta versions only.

> * Can we change that to /opt/lsb/dist-testkit, for consistency with
> lsb- dist-testkit?

We have to take long term decision on the lsb-dist-testkit file 
structure. Vladimir raised a discussion in a separated mail.

> * There's no need to support LSB 2.0 any longer.

Fixed in bazaar.

> -ian

> Another one:
> After running /opt/lsb/distr-testkit/tef/bin/lsb-tef-stop.sh, linking
>  /bin/sh to /bin/bash, and running
> /opt/lsb/distr-testkit/tef/bin/lsb- tef-start.sh, then trying to run
> the tests again, I get the following:
> "Tests execution finished. Warning: Could not obtain return code!"
> I'm going to reboot to see if that allows me to run the tests again.

It could be a problem in lsb-tef-stop.sh, which we will investigate.


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