[lsb-discuss] LSB conference call agenda (Tuesday, March 6, 11am ET)

Tracy Camp campt at openmars.com
Tue Mar 6 09:50:18 PST 2007

I think the issue is that the various scripts you are maintaining have 
been updated to support some of the font lib imports in my bzr branch. 
I'm not sure how well the updated scripts are going to merge at this 

As well I never did quite get xft to import quite correctly.  The previous 
fontconfig import wasn't doing any favors in this case since it referenced 
structs on either side of it in the font stack so importing its stack 
neighbors became 'hard' from 'non-trivial'.


On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Vladimir Rubanov wrote:

> As you might know we do apply many changes to the LSB DB schema and data to
> clean it up. The development head version at ISP RAS has a lot of changes
> compared to the official production version. As we change the DB schema, we
> maintain the associated scripts, and Libtodb is among them. The full list of
> scripts we maintain is at
> http://ispras.freestandards.org/index.php/LSB_DB_Tools.  If Tracy would have
> any troubles with his scripts on the new DB version, we'll be happy to help
> fixing them. BTW, as a part of DB activities we are trying to reimport QT3
> information because the current info in the DB seems to be quite
> inconsistent. There are many discoveries there, which will be reported
> separately.
> According to the current plan, we are going to publish the DB and scripts at
> the end of March together with the LSB Navigator on top of it - see preview
> demo at http://linuxtesting.org/dbnavigator_probe/browse/index.php.
> Meanwhile, if necessary, the DB and scripts could be published earlier
> depending of whether Mats has time to transfer them to the production.
> BTW, in the long run, we think the current libtodb functionality should be
> upgraded to become a part of the Module Import Studio - the idea here is to
> have a web-based control center for LSB workgroups to be able to import,
> check, view, analyze and modify various information about new modules in the
> DB. But implementing this idea is beyond LSB 3.2 timeframe.
> /Vladimir.
>>> 2. 3 font libraries: Xft, Freetype and Xrender. Tests are done and
>>> sent to Mats for integration. Documentation for Xrender is still in
>>> progress (last I heard). Tracy Camp will be finishing that in time
>>> for LSB 3.2. The only potential issue here is the DB Schema changes
>>> (done by RAS) which may make the scripts that Tracy created fail.
>>> These scripts were developed to populate LSB DB with all the library
>>> type and interface info.
>> The scripts have been updated by ISPRAS, so they won't break.
>> However, I will need to rerun the capture against the libraries
>> (these are also checked in), because the old captures are now
>> outdated, and integrate those into the database and make sure
>> everything downstream generates correctly.
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