[lsb-discuss] LSB conference call agenda (Tuesday, March 6, 11am ET)

Banginwar, Rajesh rajesh.banginwar at intel.com
Tue Mar 6 11:03:26 PST 2007

And libstdc++ too, right? I think the existing DB schema lacks good C++

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>> BTW, as a part of DB activities we are trying to
>> reimport QT3 information because the current info in the DB seems to
>> be quite inconsistent. There are many discoveries there, which will
>> be reported separately. 
>I believe you are aware of this already because I understand
>people are in contact with TrollTech, but the Qt imports
>were "contributed" (in the sense that none of the core
>developers have worked on them at all), so they're unfamiliar.
>You probably also know, but I say this for the benefit of
>everyone because it's something I'd like fixed, the imports
>of the X11 libraries is incomplete, and the OpenGL library
>even more so.  These four sets - X11, GL, Qt3 and Qt4 -
>form a special case where we are not able to generate correct
>headers from the database.  In the X11/GL cases we depend
>on the distro-native versions instead of supplying an lsb-build-{foo}
>package that contains them.  As these have been *very* stable
>from upstream it's rarely caused a problem (there is one
>known very minor issue).  But it does mean our specification
>materials are not completely descriptive.
>With the Qt3/Qt4 case, there is an lsb-build-{foo} package 
>that supplies the headers, which is extracted from an official 
>upstream tarball.  That's fine because it's done for 
>copyright/license reasons anyway, but the summary is that
>there we don't know, either, if the captured information is
>absolutely complete, as we usually depend on building against
>the generated headers (especially in the devchk code) to
>give us a final cross-check that everything matches and
>is complete.

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