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For some reason, John's message didn't make it out the first time. David,
can you have a look and see if you can figure out why? Thanks. -ian

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I have no idea why this did not make it out to the lsb-discuss list, but
here are some notes from my first pass at the certification process...


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Subject: Certification for 3.1 update
Hey all,

Since many of you on the lsb_discuss list may wonder who I am and why I
am posting to this list, here is a quick intro....

I come from the OSDL part of the Linux Foundation where over the past 5
years I have worked with engineering as well as all four initiatives
(desktop, mobile, data center, and carrier grade).  At this time, I am
looking at the certification process for the 3.1 update and beyond.  You
will have to excuse my ignorance as I jump into this role, but I'm going
through the process of certification as a distro might go through it to
get a feel for the existing process and to recommend where changes might
be made.

With the new test framework coming out soon, it is probably best to see
how we can make the existing process work for 3.1 update.

First, I downloaded distro testkit.  While there were yum and apt
repositories, I used a tarball on a Fedora installation and everything
installed and ran fairly easily.  Comments on running the distro

   - Downloaded the testkit bundle.  I suspect downloading
     and installing individual tests would work as well, but I
     couldn't see a reason to do it.  Individual tests might
     be good for debugging an environment, but for a quick go-
     no-go test, the bundle was quick.
   - Ran liblibchk.  No problems.
   - Ran lsbcmdchk.  No problems.
   - Set up and ran the runtime tests.  No problems.  Took
     several hours.  Was mildly annoying to have to keep entering
     the root password.  Using a virtual terminal may not be
     intuitive to the user.  Produced a journal of over 45K lines.
   - Set up and ran the lsb-c++ test suite.  The topic of locales
     could certainly cause confusion.  I had all the locales installed
     on the system, but kept getting errors like:

It seems that the de_DE locale is not set up correctly in your system.
Please check and rerun run_test again.

     In some discussions with Mats, it is not deterministic whether
     this warning is fatal or non-fatal to the test.  We should talk
     about this at the call tomorrow.
   - Ran the lsb-vsw4 test suite.  Had to load xvfb.  The documentation
     does not reflect the output of the test (seems to have changed).
     I did not have time to analyze the problem, but the test created
     a journal of over 185K lines and ran in less than a minute.
   - Ran the lsb-test-desktop suite.  No problems.
   - Ran tjreport against a couple of the journals on the desktop suite
     and the results looked reasonable.

On the certification front...

Step 1: Creating an account
   - Right now, you create a wiki account.  The goal here should be to
     move to a single sign-on for wiki, company registration, etc.
     We will be looking at ways to link this into aMember.
   - Filled out the company form
   - Received confirmation mail from cert at linux-foundation.org
   - Attempts to confirm the registration failed with 404, but the
     company seemed to be registered anyway.

Step 2: Register the product
   - Entered product name (Widget 1.0).  Later, saw the product
     version field and removed the 1.0 from the product name.  Version
     should appear right below the product name (with an example).
   - Entered "Runtime environment" under product type.  One of the
     options was "Internatinalized runtime environment".  Not sure
     when a distro would use one over the other.
   - Specified LSB release 3.1.  Do we need a 3.1-update?
   - Architecture.  No problem.
   - Contact person. No problem, but could use explanation.  Is this
     a contact person for technical issues or for certification
   - Under the Certification System menu...
      - Home - OK
      - Company Management - Basically OK, but couldn't add users
      - Product management - OK, but some redundant fields
      - List problem reports - OK, but only listed closed resolution
        states.  Wouldn't the open bugs be of more interest?
      - Submit Problem Report - OK, but why are "private bugs" needed?
        Shouldn't this all be done in the open?  I realize distros may
        not want to air dirty laundry, but that is price of
        certification to an open standard.

Step 3: Submit results and certification
   - Haven't done much here yet, but in a discussion with Ian the other
     day, we talked about using a mailing list for this (lf_lsbcert).
     This may be the easiest and most efficient way to collect and
     analyze the results in the short term.

Step 4: Post certification results
   - Haven't gotten to this yet.  I suspect it will be manual on a wiki
     until the new test system comes on line.

Look forward to interacting with the team on this certification process.
I'll be less of a fly-on-the-wall at the call tomorrow :).


Ian Murdock

"Don't look back--something might be gaining on you." --Satchel Paige

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