[lsb-discuss] pkgconfig in LSB Build Environment

Daniel Yek dyek at real.com
Tue Mar 6 22:49:56 PST 2007

At 12:25 AM 3/6/2007, Daniel Yek wrote:
>I have managed to execute the GTK+ Hello World program in the LSB Sample 
>Implementation environment successfully. Thank you for your help and hints.
>There were a lot of ac-hoc headers modification though -- messy.
>I saw a lot of header files were using something like <gtk-2.0/gtk/gtk.h>.
>Typically GTK+ headers only include one subdirectory name (eg. "gtk") to 
>create a "namespace". Did LSB decide to introduce version (as reflected in 
>"gtk-2.0") in the namespace too? (In Linux distribution? Or in LSB BE only?)
>pkg-config's command line -I include-directories didn't match the 
>version-ed #include's, causing headers files to be not found in the 
>/opt/lsb directory and fallback to the /usr directory.

I tried building RealPlayer in the LSB BE using pkg-config files and header 
files from lsb-build-desktop-*.rpm package; I found that G_BEGIN_DECLS 
define from glib/gmacros.h is missing from lsb-build-desktop's set of 
headers. Is the macro defined elsewhere?

G_BEGIN_DECLS is widely used, so missing it would make it difficult to use 
LSB BE for GTK+ projects. I think folding all definition into a few big 
files may work (but may require source code workaround), but missing things 
making it very difficult to work with.

With that said, I want to say that I had been using LSB BE (without 
lsb-build-desktop-*.rpm) to build Helix and RealPlayer for months 
successfully and found it to be very useful. There were a few 
non-LSB-conformance, which resulted in this attempt to fix it. The 
potential is still there.

I'm planning to switch to lsbcc soon.

Daniel Yek

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