[lsb-discuss] findings with 3.1.1 (3.1 update) tests

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Tue Mar 13 21:54:44 PDT 2007

This isn't really a full report, but it is an update
to previously posted information.

All the release-candidate software packages are in
the beta directory, and repositories and bundles have
been built.  We really mean release candidate: if
there's not a major issue, a package will be moved
over into the release directory without further change.

There are still some niggling repository issues,
although this cycle flushed out some stuff.  If
the LSB repository is imported as a SuSE repository,
the repository needs to be signed; we're now doing
that.  However, the packages are still considered
"foreign" and so updates can't be done automatically,
you have to go select them manually. This information
is from OpenSuse 10.2, not sure if it applies to to
SLES10 or not. The OpenSuse restriction is very
irritating, but unless they change policy, there's
nothing we can do about it. Debian and Fedora seem
to be happy with the apt and yum repositories.  
Ubuntu still has a complaint, thinking the packages
are not trusted, but will install them if told to.

The Qt4 tests - not mandatory for 3.1 - have now
been run several places as the dtk-manager allows this
easily.  The indication is that there's been some
rot; several different systems fail 20 or so tests.
Note that this becomes a 3.2 issue: this test will
become mandatory as Qt4 does, but newer systems
will not be able to pass the tests until we figure
out what the issues are.

The C++ problem has received a temporary solution -
the rpm has been repacked with a new run_tests which
solves the stopper issue, so we're ready to go with
that. The full rebuild which had some anti-waiver 
fixes is not clean yet, we'll release that as an
update once the issues are fully understood and

The fontconfig component of the desktop test occasionally
shows some problems, we thought they were fixed but
they still seem not to be stamped out everywhere.
We'll keep looking at it; the candidate desktop test
does successfully resolve several issues that will
have to be granted as waivers against the 3.1.0 tests -
these are all things that have turned up as newer
upstream verions come into wider use.

In summary, there don't seem to be any blockers to
release, but still some irritating problems.

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