[lsb-discuss] Potential LSB Tasks

Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Fri Mar 23 08:23:02 PDT 2007

We think, in the long run, the LSB Future Tracker is to become a part of the
Workgroup Services in the LSB Navigator.

We discussed with Ian that workgroup tasks for analyzing all the LSB history
and future extensions is to be done through the central LSB database with
the LSB Navigator on top of it as a user interface.

BTW, the current demo of LSB Navigator is available at
http://linuxtesting.org/dbnavigator_probe/browse/. And this should finally
evolve into a central place for analysis of the Linux ecosystem and for
making decisions for LSB standard in particular. This is due to the
integrated database that it will be possible to effectively analyze all the

But, though developing LSB Futures Tracker in LSB Navigator is definitely
within the strategy, it is not in the short term plans. So we have to live
with the current system (or any simple analog like wiki) for the time being.


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> Dan Kohn writes...
> > OK.  I would propose that we move this to a wiki for the time being,
> > because it's not that much information, so I think a database may be
> > overkill.  I will plan on assigning an LF staff member to transfer
> > the information and keep it up to date.
> Have you tried clicking on a candidate to get the expanded view?
> Doing it in a wiki would be just as many pages and a lot more by-hand
> work,
> that's why I built it in the first place. It also has features that you
> couldn't get in a wiki, like the sorting and group-only views.
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