[lsb-discuss] Testing progress this week

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri Mar 30 19:02:54 PDT 2007

Just wanted to update everyone as there's been some
very nice progress this week.

A while back I pasted a bunch of testing tasks into
the wiki here:

and I wanted to report that several of the items
at the top end of that list are now complete - 
two of the three packages are renamed (and the third 
is "working in the lab", so to speak, should be merged
very soon); the non-root build and moving of the core test
suite is complete; and autobuilding is enabled for all the
test suites.  This set of steps gives us naming and 
installation consistency - we now follow our own rules for
package names and package installation! - and far more 
importantantly, we'll flush out any build issues right away 
rather than getting bit by them late in the cycle like 
last time. Yes, there are a few more details to shake out,
but the heavy lifting is done.

By the end of the weekend we ought to have apt and yum
repositories being constructed frequently from the autobuild
packages, so it will be extemely easy for anyone who
wants to try out the work-in-progress tests and tools
to pull them down and go, it will be like pulling from
debian unstable or fedora development, you can get an
immediate look at things without waiting for formal
release points.  And soon we should have auto testing 
running as well, meaning that after the test suites are 
built, they'll be installed and run using dtk-manager, 
also on a frequent basis. When that's shaken out, we'll 
get things set up for multiple distributions/versions 
(using virtual machines liberally) and be able to get 
useful feedback from a wide range of systems within 24 
hours of a change being committed to the tests. We're
hoping that our distribution partners will also take
advantage of the repositories and auto-testing facilities
and set up testing against their own evolving development
trees so that everybody can get to the "no surprises"

For those who don't know, there's an autobuild status
page that shows what's building correctly and what isn't
for any given point in time:
We'll make something similar for testing - this has
already been available for a while for the tools, at
these three pages:

Thanks to the contributors who've helped make this
work out! We've been trying for at least two and
a half years (I just closed an "autobuild the
test suites" bug that was filed in August 2004) to
carve out the time to get to this point and I'm 
thrilled we're finally arriving.


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