[lsb-discuss] Asianux3.0 plan to apply for LSB certification.

Dan Kohn dan at dankohn.com
Thu May 24 11:53:49 PDT 2007

Sorry for the delay in responding.  Yes, yushang, we would be very  
interested in Asianux testing against the beta version of LSB 3.2.   
Then, when we release, we could announce your certification  
simultaneously.  You can also help with our test development by  
confirming whether any bugs we find are with your distro or with our  

What do you think?

            - dan
Dan Kohn <mailto:dan at dankohn.com>
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On May 9, 2007, at 6:52 PM, yushang wrote:

> Dan,
> 	Got it. Thanks for your reply. We'll release AX3.0 in August, is  
> it possible
> from technical point(I mean LSB3.2 specification and testing) that  
> we could
> complete LSB3.2 certification if you release it before August? If  
> possible,
> we hope we can announce that AX3.0 get LSB3.2 certification as you  
> release
> LSB3.2.
> Regards,
> ShangYu
> On Wednesday 09 May 2007 19:59, Dan Kohn wrote:
>> Yushang, my apologies that you had difficulty contact the LSB working
>> group.  For the future, you can get an answer fastest by asking lsb-
>> discuss at lists.freestandards.org.
>> LSB 3.2 will not be released until later this summer.  So Xandros's
>> certification was for LSB 3.1 Update 1.  That is what we recommend
>> that Asianux 3.0 target.
>> Please post to the list as other questions come up.  Thanks.
>>             - dan

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