[lsb-discuss] RFC: interfaces - candidates for LSB 3.2 or later

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Sun May 27 17:25:54 PDT 2007

In addition to the interfaces that went in last week (see email),
the following are candidates either because they've been requested,
or they appear in POSIX but not in LSB (some fit in both categories)
In the case of "requested" interfaces, we also see these in use
in the list of captured applications here:

The interfaces marked POSIX are of course easy to add to the spec,
as they only have to point to POSIX and nothing more needs to
be written.  The others will be more work to document, in some
cases easy, in some cases harder. 

The other criterion would be tests; none of these interfaces
have any tests now, but we're exploring how that can be addressed.

Any comments on any of these welcome... 

Apparently forgotten thread interface:

POSIX spawn feature set:
posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2
posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy
posix_spawn_file_actions_init posix_spawnattr_destroy
posix_spawnattr_getflags posix_spawnattr_getpgroup
posix_spawnattr_getschedparam posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy
posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault posix_spawnattr_getsigmask
posix_spawnattr_init posix_spawnattr_setflags
posix_spawnattr_setpgroup posix_spawnattr_setschedparam
posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault
posix_spawnattr_setsigmask posix_spawn posix_spawnp

POSIX advisory information (incl two non-POSIX large-file extensions):
posix_fadvise posix_fallocate posix_madvise posix_fadvise64

POSIX pthread barriers:
pthread_barrier_destroy pthread_barrier_init pthread_barrier_wait
pthread_barrierattr_destroy pthread_barrierattr_init
pthread_barrierattr_getpshared pthread_barrierattr_setpshared
pthread_getcpuclockid pthread_spin_destroy pthread_spin_init
pthread_spin_lock pthread_spin_trylock pthread_spin_unlock

POSIX message queues:
mq_close mq_getattr mq_notify mq_open mq_receive mq_send mq_setattr
mq_timedreceive mq_timedsend mq_unlink

Linux-specific address remapping:

RPC interfaces: 
clnttcp_create clntudp_create
Note: svctcp_create and svcudp_create are in the LSB
(also possibly clntraw_create, svcraw_create, 
clntudp_bufcreate, svcudp_bufcreate)

Get domain name:
Note: it's low-cost to add this, but it's not clear that applications
can count on anything useful from it. Depending on setup, it often
returns "(none)"

IPv6 support:
in6addr_any, in6addr_loopback (actually global data, not function)

mempcpy, wmempcpy

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