[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-10-10

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Thu Oct 11 08:02:00 PDT 2007

Attendees: Sam, Jeff, Dan Kohn, Mats, Russ, Stew, Robert, Kay, Marvin, 
Marc Miller, Darren Davis

F2F.  Schedules added.

Trial use.  Overview.  Checklist for required modules; trial use modules 
will be voted on, with compliance with the checklist being a factor. 
Fast-track: can go directly to Required without being Trial Use.

Marc: political process might be an issue (vendor dominance voting down 
a competitor).  Robert: perhaps 100% checklist compliance avoids a vote? 
  Kay: superceded?  Jeff: would it make a difference?  Robert: trial use 
gives specs extra credibility.  Marc: sounds theoretical, but there are 
some controversies on the horizon (RPM fork).  Robert: also, maybe allow 
multiple modules for some functionality, like GTK+ and Qt.  Jeff: 
modules that will never be standard?  Marc: checklist can fix things. 
Mats: can happen.  May just need informal communication.

One-vote policy.  Robert: might do a re-introduction policy.  Jeff: can 
we use the voting process to implement the same thing?  Robert: 
political issues again.  Marc: should look at the IETF RFC process to 
see how they fix this.

Discrepancies.  Mats: libfoo.so.1 vs. libfoo_bar.so.2.  Darren: libelf.

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