[lsb-discuss] LSB Navigator reuse

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Fri Oct 12 07:25:07 PDT 2007

George Kraft wrote:
> During one of the LSB conference calls we discussed the use case of ISVs
> copying the LSB Navigator internally for product analysis.  What would
> it take to make this possible?
> 1) explicit license (GFDL?)
Mm, for Navigator? Navigator is actually a tool and currently it is
distributed under GPL:

As for the data displayed in Navigator, it comes from the LSB
Specification database.
So should we have some explicit license for this data?
> 2) download image (tar, bzr?)
bzr: http://bzr.linux-foundation.org/lsb/devel/dbadmin
Press 'inventory', then 'targz' or 'zip' to obtain tarball.

The thing is that the database is also required. The full database is
too large to be stored in the bzr now, so bzr version doesn't contain
data about applications and distributions. This data is stored separately.

It is possible to place tarball on the bzr server (as it is actually
done at the moment) and to allow users to download it directly, not
using bazaar web interface. It seems quite reasonable to me.

It can be also useful to make such tarball for Navigator for users who
don't want to deal with the bzr.
> 3) setup instructions
Currently the following pages can be used:
- database setup:
- Navigator home:

Not all of this is very clear at the moment (now emphasis is placed on
db setup and usage), to be corrected soon.
> 4) application, library, and os import instructions & tools
Instructions can be found here:

Tools themselves can be obtained directly from ISP RAS team, feel free
to contact linux at ispras.ru or anyone from our team.
We'll consider publishing of the tools in the bazaar or on our wiki in

So, the bottom line:
1. Instructions for importing tools are ready and published.
2. Placeholders are required for import tools and for the database (and,
maybe, navigator) tarball
3. ISP RAS team will improve LSB Navigator homepage on
ispras.linux-foundation.org - more explicit download/setup instructions
are required
4. License - ?


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