[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-10-17

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Oct 17 09:22:21 PDT 2007

Attendees: Sam, Jeff, Mats, Kay, Alexey, Robert, Darren Davis, Marc 
Miller, Carlos Ducelos from TrollTech, Marvin, Stew

Interfaces.  Sam: looking at proprietary apps in LSB Navigator, no magic 
bullet.  mremap is appropriate.  Other candidates: atexit, 
gethostbyname2_r, dl_iterate_phdr.  Kay: used in a few ChipHopper apps, 
maybe Adobe?  Mats: may be pulled in indirectly.  Robert, Darren: may 
want to make sure.  Kay: has data for dl_iterate_phdr in RHEL and SLES. 
  Mats: open a bug?  Sam will.  gethostbyname2_r: add as deprecated? 
Robert: yes, done it before.  Mats: trivial from a DB point of view, 
need documentation, tests (which we probably won't get in the short 
term).  Mats: atexit may not, in fact, be missing (may be a source-only 
interface via gcc magic).  Jeff: source only, confirm gcc magic.

Qt 4: Jeff: summary of current LSB position, which is to stay at Qt 4.1 
and mark required.  Carlos: 4.1 is too old, want at least 4.2; 4.3 will 
be ideal.  Jeff: SuSE?  Carlos: who are we targeting?  ISVs or distros? 
  Many customers are relying on 4.2 features.  Jeff: compatibility needs 
to be real; we can't abandon SuSE, and we can't say it supports what it 
doesn't.  How do ISVs support SuSE 10 now?  Carlos: ship Qt with the app 
now, but don't want to in the future.  Mats: can Qt 4.2 or 4.3 get into 
SuSE?  Darren: probably not.  Jeff: Skype and Opera problems?  Darren: 
seen some interest, but only for openSuSE 10 (SLES 11, eventually).  No 
customer request for Skype/Opera on SLES/SLED 10.  Preferred strategy 
would probably be to bundle a special Qt for Opera/Skype instead of 
doing an uplift.  Jeff: What's TrollTech's preference?

                  --> NOT SPEAKING FOR TROLLTECH <--

gut feeling is to prefer uplift without requiring Qt 4.

Carlos will check on a more official TrollTech preference.  Stew: still 
some toolchain issues, besides the tests.  Jeff: may also have 
time/resource issues with the Qt 4 uplift; will evaluate and report 
later.  Action items: Darren will talk to the product manager for SuSE, 
Carlos will talk to TrollTech folks, Jeff will ask for help if resource 
issues prevent uplift.

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