[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2007-10-17

Darren Davis ddavis at novell.com
Mon Oct 22 07:42:37 PDT 2007

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Attendees: Sam, Jeff, Mats, Kay, Alexey, Robert, Darren Davis, Marc 
> Miller, Carlos Ducelos from TrollTech, Marvin, Stew
> Interfaces.  Sam: looking at proprietary apps in LSB Navigator, no 
> magic bullet.  mremap is appropriate.  Other candidates: atexit, 
> gethostbyname2_r, dl_iterate_phdr.  Kay: used in a few ChipHopper 
> apps, maybe Adobe?  Mats: may be pulled in indirectly.  Robert, 
> Darren: may want to make sure.  Kay: has data for dl_iterate_phdr in 
> RHEL and SLES.  Mats: open a bug?  Sam will.  gethostbyname2_r: add as 
> deprecated? Robert: yes, done it before.  Mats: trivial from a DB 
> point of view, need documentation, tests (which we probably won't get 
> in the short term).  Mats: atexit may not, in fact, be missing (may be 
> a source-only interface via gcc magic).  Jeff: source only, confirm 
> gcc magic.
> Qt 4: Jeff: summary of current LSB position, which is to stay at Qt 
> 4.1 and mark required.  Carlos: 4.1 is too old, want at least 4.2; 4.3 
> will be ideal.  Jeff: SuSE?  Carlos: who are we targeting?  ISVs or 
> distros?  Many customers are relying on 4.2 features.  Jeff: 
> compatibility needs to be real; we can't abandon SuSE, and we can't 
> say it supports what it doesn't.  How do ISVs support SuSE 10 now?  
> Carlos: ship Qt with the app now, but don't want to in the future.  
> Mats: can Qt 4.2 or 4.3 get into SuSE?  Darren: probably not.  Jeff: 
> Skype and Opera problems?  Darren: seen some interest, but only for 
> openSuSE 10 (SLES 11, eventually).  No customer request for 
> Skype/Opera on SLES/SLED 10.  Preferred strategy would probably be to 
> bundle a special Qt for Opera/Skype instead of doing an uplift.  Jeff: 
> What's TrollTech's preference?

I asked our product management team, and the policy is as I stated that 
generally they do not do major updates like this for a future service 
pack.  That aside, SUSE Product Management has in fact decided that they 
are going to try and include Qt 4.3 in SLES 10 SP2.  So, they stated 
they would really like to see that version used as the basis for an 
update to the LSB.



> Carlos:
>                  --> NOT SPEAKING FOR TROLLTECH <--
> gut feeling is to prefer uplift without requiring Qt 4.
> Carlos will check on a more official TrollTech preference.  Stew: 
> still some toolchain issues, besides the tests.  Jeff: may also have 
> time/resource issues with the Qt 4 uplift; will evaluate and report 
> later.  Action items: Darren will talk to the product manager for 
> SuSE, Carlos will talk to TrollTech folks, Jeff will ask for help if 
> resource issues prevent uplift.
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